Persona Camber

Completely new lens technology for the digital age

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The Persona Camber is a personalized lens design that incorporates a unique new advancement in optical science called Camber Technology. This latest development gives digital progressive wearers a superior visual experience by reducing the need for digital compensation, thereby allowing a greater level of augmentation and personalization for each wearer. It also offers wearers greater comfort, easier adaptation, and improved cosmetic appeal.

Each Persona Camber lens is tailor-made for the individual according to lifestyle and frame choice, and enhanced with high-end optimization software that refines the optics by widening all fields of view and improving clarity at the edges of the reading area. Persona Camber lenses are the right choice for any progressive wearer who wants unsurpassed comfort and effortless vision.


  • Seamless clarity of vision, no discernable edge blurriness
  • Comfortable, effortless vision
  • Expansive fields of view in all zones
  • Reading zone easier to find and use
  • Offers better cosmetics (less curved) for some prescriptions
  • Available in four different digital designs to suit any wearer’s lifestyle
  • Available in a wide range of lens materials and colours